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September 22, 2017 - Newsletter Video

MGG is a unit trust registered as a managed investment scheme which will apply to be listed on the ASX as a listed investment trust.

MGG will essentially be managed utilising the same investment philosophy, process and investment team as the unlisted Magellan Global Equities Fund however there will be several key differences;

September 8, 2017 - Newsletter Video

In this video I will briefly discuss:

  • Increased global tension as result of further belligerence from North Korea
  • Slight contraction Investment markets but not significant
  • Geopolitical issues rarely have long term impact on markets
  • Australian dollar has maintained strength when often there will be a movement towards US dollar and Euro.

Newsletter Video for August

In this video I will briefly discuss:

  • $A has appreciated but analysts still assess fair value at about $0.70 USD
  • Details on current assessment on the Orion website
  • New superannuation legislation likely, impacting Industry Super Funds and MySuper

Newsletter 26 June 2017

In this video I will briefly discuss:

  • Thank you for all the comments and feedback received
  • Ensure superannuation contributions and withdrawals are made before 30 June
  • Death Benefit nominations are important to review
  • Macquarie has introduced a more efficient and more secure way of arranging withdrawals

2017-18 Federal Budget

In this video I will briefly discuss:

  • 2017-18 Federal budget is not a traditional coalition budget
  • Budget is likely to pass through parliament more easily than recent budgets
  • Budget announcements include new measures for contributing to superannuation
  • Significant changes for tax deductibility on investment property expenses
  • Victorian State budget announced changes to property stamp duty exemptions
  • Visit the website for budget analysis and other resources

Superannuation Reform possible implications

In this video, we will briefly discuss:
• Superannuation reform also has estate planning implications.
• Clients should review their Death Benefit Nominations.
• Important to review estate planning if moving investments currently held within the superannuation environment
• Clients should seek advice from legal, taxation, compliance and investment perspectives.

Super Reform Legislation

In this video, I will briefly discuss:
• Superannuation reform legislation is the most significant in a decade.
• Requires considered strategy planning for those impacted;
• Client friendly resources are being progressively loaded on the Orion website:;
• Next video newsletter will be with Martin Craig of MJHC Legal discussing estate planning considerations;
• US Federal Reserve has increased interest rates citing confidence and strength in the US economy; and

Markets Post Trump Election - Where To From Here?

In this video, I will briefly discuss:

  • Markets have responded positively to election of Donald Trump
  • Hamish Douglass, CIO assesses US economic policies make sense
  • Possible disruption as US re-balances relationship with China
  • Hamish optimistically cautious about the economic outlook
  • Important to review insurance policies to ensure they remain appropriate to your needs.
  • Invitations for reviews to be emailed during March