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Orion Private Wealth Management

Orion Private Wealth Management is a boutique advisory practice that delivers co-ordinated and comprehensive strategic wealth management advice to sophisticated private clients. Working with our clients other trusted advisers we assist clients create, protect and preserve multi-generational wealth.

By using a consultative approach we are able to create clarity and translate our clients' personal vision into realistic and quantifiable goals with specific objectives attached to each component of the vision.

By providing private wealth management we deliver results to clients by:

  • Providing a Statement of Advice (SOA) that clarifies financial goals, documents recommendations and alternate strategies.
  • Providing comprehensive wealth management solutions.
  • Providing a client engagement roadmap that details the service offering.
  • Providing wealth management reviews that report against your goals, not just provide portfolio information.
  • Delivering services as a team.
  • Using our sophisticated investment process to optimise risk/return balance.

We appreciate that clients may initially require advisory services relating to a single wealth issue. To accommodate this we offer flexible tailored engagements.

Orion Private Wealth Management is a strategy focussed business using a fee for service model. We are not affiliated with any bank or fund manager. Our compliance, licencing and risk management is provided by Professional Investment Services which provides you with additional strength and security. Professional Investment Services is the largest non institutionally owned public owned Financial Services dealer group in Australia with global operations.

Orion Private Wealth Management's mission is to provide effective immediate and enduring wealth management results and services in order to positively contribute to the financial security of our clients

Orion Private Wealth Management believes that committing to a sustainable future for the earth should be the goal for organisations, communities, businesses and individuals.

The Foundation was established with the vision it be operated by our staff, and we encourage them, our friends and clients to be involved in our fund raising activities.

We would like to understand what is really important for you including your life goals, challenges and opportunities plus any priority advice needs. We will discuss your core values, your lifestyle objectives plus your professional and financial goals. We also need details of your financial resources and related information.

Too often people engage advisers separately and there is limited coordination and synchronisation of strategy development, implementation and review. A consequence of this is inefficiency and missed opportunities. We are able to work with your existing specialist advisers or facilitate recommendations within our existing network.