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Client Briefing Updates

Shane Oliver Updates: Rising US Interest Rates, Trade Wars, The US Midterm Election Results, Etc - Should Investors Be Worried?

Market Correction Or Market Downturn?Our view remains that recent turbulence in share markets is a correction or a mild bear market at worst (like 2015-16) rather than the start of a deep bear market like the global financial crisis. This note reviews the key recent worries for shares and why they are unlikely to be terminal. Read More..

Shane Oliver Market Update November 2018

Market Correction Or Market Downturn?US shares rose 2.4%, Eurozone shares gained 3%, Japanese shares rose 5%, Chinese shares rose 3.7% and Australian shares gained 3.2%. Reflecting the risk on tone and a strong US jobs report for October bond yields rose. Read More..

Market Correction Or Market Downturn?

Market Correction Or Market Downturn? With markets a bit more stable this week, and prices having bounced, it’s a good time to take a pause and reflect on where things are at. But to particularly address the main question investors have: is this the start of a bear market or just another correction? And what does that mean for their portfolios?Read More..

Are Shares Expensive? Read This Shane Oliver Updates

Are Shares Expensive? Read This Shane Oliver Updates Some commentators claim shares are way overvalued and so a crash is inevitable. As always, it’s a lot more complicated, but given the current turbulence in share markets it’s worth having a look at whether share markets are expensive or not as a guide to how vulnerable we are to further falls. More broadly, valuation measures provide a guide to future return potential.Read More..

An Update On US Rate Rise

An Update On US Rate Rise Although we’ve seen downsides on Wall Street this week, there’s still tough progress in the US market. The latest rate hike in the US could possibly have investors concerned where the Fed could actually put at risk markets along with even more vigorous hikesRead More..