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2017-18 Federal Budget

In this video I will briefly discuss:

  • 2017-18 Federal budget is not a traditional coalition budget
  • Budget is likely to pass through parliament more easily than recent budgets
  • Budget announcements include new measures for contributing to superannuation
  • Significant changes for tax deductibility on investment property expenses
  • Victorian State budget announced changes to property stamp duty exemptions
  • Visit the website for budget analysis and other resources

Superannuation Reform possible implications

In this video, we will briefly discuss:
• Superannuation reform also has estate planning implications.
• Clients should review their Death Benefit Nominations.
• Important to review estate planning if moving investments currently held within the superannuation environment
• Clients should seek advice from legal, taxation, compliance and investment perspectives.

Super Reform Legislation

In this video, I will briefly discuss:
• Superannuation reform legislation is the most significant in a decade.
• Requires considered strategy planning for those impacted;
• Client friendly resources are being progressively loaded on the Orion website:;
• Next video newsletter will be with Martin Craig of MJHC Legal discussing estate planning considerations;
• US Federal Reserve has increased interest rates citing confidence and strength in the US economy; and

Markets Post Trump Election - Where To From Here?

In this video, I will briefly discuss:

  • Markets have responded positively to election of Donald Trump
  • Hamish Douglass, CIO assesses US economic policies make sense
  • Possible disruption as US re-balances relationship with China
  • Hamish optimistically cautious about the economic outlook
  • Important to review insurance policies to ensure they remain appropriate to your needs.
  • Invitations for reviews to be emailed during March