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Environment and Sustainability

Orion Private Wealth Management believes that committing to a sustainable future for the earth should be the goal for organisations, communities, businesses and individuals.

Orion Private Wealth Management recognises that collaborative partnerships and co-operation is required in order to achieve its environmental goals. It therefore aims to engage and involve its employees, clients and, suppliers, and other relevant key stakeholders wherever possible.

Orion Private Wealth Management undertakes to fulfil its Environmental and Sustainability Policy in a number of ways. A policy of waste minimisation, reuse and recycling is undertaken throughout the office through the use of recycled paper where possible, as standard procedure for all staff, printer & toner cartridges are recycled and waste paper disposal is strictly managed. Selection of office equipment such as computers and multi-function printers are considered based upon a number of issues including energy rating.

Leading edge financial planning and practice management software is used to internal work tasks, create financial modelling and produce statements of advice which reduces printing of work in progress and strategy models. The use of email for standard correspondence such as newsletters and appointment confirmation also reduces our carbon footprint.

Where possible, applications are completed online on behalf of clients with minimal pages printed for signing authorities. Compliance documents, including Product Disclosure Statements, information videos are provided on flash drive or CD together with information videos and client education material. Orion Private Wealth Management also offers a fully electronic option for commencing a Self Management Superannuation Fund.

All Orion Private Wealth Management email sign-offs include a request to the recipient to consider the environment and minimise paper & energy wastage.

These systems limit paper wastage and assist with energy-saving while they also avoid environmental issues associated with printing and distribution.

Awareness-raising is undertaken with staff, clients, suppliers and community through communication of key strategic business goals and positive environmental policies.

By consistently monitoring these key aspects and communicating them to suppliers, clients and employees, Orion Private Wealth Management aims to reduce its overall carbon footprint, increase operational efficiencies and boost staff and marketplace commitment to a cleaner, greener and more socially responsible way of doing business.