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Financial Planning Advice Process

Initial Appointment

We would like to understand what is really important for you including your life goals, challenges and opportunities plus any priority advice needs. We will discuss your core values, your lifestyle objectives plus your professional and financial goals. We also need details of your financial resources and related information.

Strategy Research & Development

With a thorough understanding of your current situation, your values and goals we can then explore your options in detail and model alternative scenarios to determine the appropriate strategies for you. This will help you make smart choices about money.

Presentation of Strategy

At this meeting we will reconfirm your life vision and specific goals and illustrate how the strategies we have identified for you will make the most of your resources. Smart strategic solutions to provide you with control over your future and the freedom to enjoy the journey.

Review Plan Implementation

We will schedule a follow up meeting to check the progress of your plan implementation. This will ensure that you are in control and provide you with confidence in your financial future. We will seek your feedback regarding our advice and service for you personally and schedule your next review meeting.

Implementation of Your Strategic Plan

Proactive implementation is a key ingredient to the success of your plan. Working closely with you, your Orion Private Wealth Management advice team includes specialists that will ensure all recommendations are progressively implemented as agreed by you. Implementation meetings will be scheduled to ensure each step is proactively managed.