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Orion Private Wealth Management provides a broad range of strategic advisory services to clients seeking specialised, personalised and individual advice. Orion Private Wealth Management is able to work together with our clients existing trusted advisers such as accountants and solicitors in order to deliver co-ordinated and synchronised advice. We are also able to recommend and facilitate referral to specialist external advisers from our panel of trusted strategic partnerships with organisations across a range of professions and industries.

Orion Private Wealth Management is based in Melbourne, Australia and assists local and foreign entities both domestically in Australia and globally.

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Working together with you and your key advisors we assist business owners to make the right decisions at the right time. This enables business owners to identity opportunities, remain competitive and protect the value of the business. For most business owners, business success will ultimately determine the achievement of personal goals.

A comprehensive financial plan includes strategies to ensure you and your family can still achieve life goals in the event unexpected and unwanted events occur. We analytically assess your individual risk and work with a solicitor specialising in estate planning to ensure full co-ordination of all elements.

At the core of financial planning is developing strategies to achieve your lifestyle goals, so you can achieve what you want in life. We work with you to identify your goals and develop strategies and solutions specifically tailored for you. These are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure you remain on track.